What Container do you need?

 Shipping Container Sizes available at JENCO  
20'  -  20' high cube -  40'  -    40' high cube  -   45' ft high cube

What grade container do you need?

Jenco has 3 basic categories  -


Every Storage Container is guaranteed to have doors that are square, open, close and seal properly, floors free of holes, and to be WATERTIGHT upon delivery.  All used equipment will have some surface rust, dings/dents, and cosmetic blemishes. 

Our containers are solid steel, weather tight, tough, secure, affordable, portable, customizable and can be delivered and set up based on your specific needs. If a standard container just won’t meet your needs, please let us know. Our onsite fabricators can quickly modify a basic container to turn it into something spectacular.

One Trip - New Containers

Technically, they aren't brand new because they have been used once, but they are as close to brand new as you can get.  These units generally come painted either light beige or grey and are equipped with high handles for easier opening and lock boxes for added security. 

There is no question that this is the best quality container for your money. They have spent only weeks at sea instead of years and the only signs of wear on them that could possibly be noted from their sole trip across the ocean are tire marks on the floor from a forklift unloading it or light scratches on out outside corner posts where it was picked up to be loaded. Other than that, there is virtually no wear and tear. For customers where appearance is important we recommend purchasing one trip containers or having the container painted before delivery.  We invite you to take a look at our sample photos, request photos of current stock, or visit our yard and pick your own before you buy. 
  • One trip units will show signs of one time use. 
  • New units have doors that are much easier to operate than used containers. 
  • Most come with factory installed lock boxes for extra security.
  • Usually grey or tan not have large logos or decals.
For Business modification:  Jenco recommends using One trip containers for use in any portable business creations (such as food trucks, living spaces ect.)

Cargo worthy is JENCO's Mid-grade for used containers. Sometimes it is referred to as Premium Grade, and it is the best option if quality is your main concern.   We find this grading system to be helpful for our customers because these containers are generally look better and will last longer than a weather tight grade container. 

These units have not been retired by the shipping lines because of extensive use, they are currently being used by the shipping lines, which means that they have no issues nor are they likely to have issues arise in the foreseeable future that would question it's structural integrity. 

  If you plan on shipping goods around the country or world and the container will be placed on a vessel it will need to be certified "cargo worthy". You may need to give either condition of container a fresh coat of paint, but over all you can expect a solid storage unit from the time that it's dropped off.
Wind and Watertight containers are the most common containers available on the market. This is the most economical container available and is guaranteed to be weather proof and varmint proof. These containers have been retired by the shipping line so they do show a good amount of wear and tear and bumps and bruises, but again, if you are looking for a cheap option, this is it. 

After it's retired from active service it will be technically be classified as wind and water tight.  If you are not concerned with the look and just want a solid weather tight storage space this is the container for you.  This box typically is not pretty and may have a number of rust and dented areas.  It is still water tight and great for basic storage.   
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